Thursday, 25 April 2013

Before/After, The Hallway Is Painted!

Even though there's nothing much we can do about the ugh-brown front door (rental), the hallway is finally wallpapered and painted! Gloriously White! Yeah!

See for yourselves: before and after, 4 weeks ago, and now.

Next Step; Sliding Glass Door for Bathroom is going on. Roll on tomorrow!


  1. Oh that looks nice and crisp!
    Sadly you aren`t allowed to paint the front door;/
    Think this would look awesome in this small space;)
    Love and hugs

    1. Yeah, it's a shame we can't paint the door. That's the downside of renting :(
      Now we have a big wardrobe set up in the hallway (no other place for it, (Dachschräge)), and the front door isn't even that visible anymore. But still, I wish it were white!!
      Hugs and love back!